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We will find you a reliable Vietnamese manufacturer after which we can provide you with samples and costs.  Furthermore Vietmarkets can monitor all stages of the production so as to ensure your product is made to your specifications.


Our logistics partners can then make sure it leaves port on time with all the right paper work.

No company is too small for us to work with.

identify reliable

It is difficult if you are not experienced in the Vietnamese market place, to determine reliable manufacturers from unreliable ones. With 20 years experience in the Vietnamese market place, Vietmarkets possesses the ability to introduce you to reliable manufacturers, with stringent quality control procedures

negotiate on your behalf

Language barriers in Vietnam can cause many misunderstandings and mistakes, during any negotiations. Vietmarkets Vietnamese staff members will negotiate on your behalf, so as to ensure both parties understand clearly, the expectations and deliverables of each contract.  

quality control

Vietmarkets will ensure that you never get a shipment from Vietnam that isn’t exactly as you ordered. Our Quality Control Experts, will check before, during, and after, each manufacturing run to ensure your products meet your specifications & standards before they are shipped.

shipping & logistics

Our logistics team will ensure the whole shipping process takes place on time. Vietmarkets will handle all the tedious admin work, so as to ensure you have all the shipping and tracking documents you need to take it through customs at your end.

It doesn't matter what product, accessory, or gadget you're looking to have manufactured, or sourced – our local network & experience allows us to source Vietnamese manufacturers or suppliers for your product needs, in almost all industry sectors.