In 2021, Vietmarkets is organizing & operating an ongoing product and services Exposition in Vung Tau for international companies wishing to identify new agents or distributors for their products or services .

Each Exhibitor at the exhibition will need to take a stand for 1 month, or 24 working days (including Saturdays) which we will man. There is no need for you or your staff to attend the EXPO.

** If we do not find you an Agent or Distributor in one month we will keep your stand at the Expo for another month at no cost to you.


There will only be 20 Exhibitors, exhibiting at each month's Expo at any one time.

The VietMarkets Expos will open to Professional Business People on Monday March 1st, 2021, 

wine layout stand.png






Monday June 14th - Saturday July 10th



Monday July 12th - Saturday August 7th

GOODS & APPLIANCES - electric vehicles


Monday August 9th - Saturday September 11th




Monday September 13th - Saturday October 16th




VietMarkets offers International manufacturers, etc., the opportunity to physically display their products & services in the Vietnamese market place for 1 month (30 Days) at our new Display Centre in Vung Tau Vietnam, for a very small fraction of the cost that companies would normally pay to display at a 5 day Expo previously, or even new Virtual Trade Shows.


You do not need to travel to the EXPO we man your stand. Furthermore, we guarantee to find you an Agent or Distributor, for your products & services in Vietnam.


Our Vietmarkets Team in Vung Tau will,

  • Work with your staff to design, fabricate locally & construct your stand and backdrop. 

  • Work with you to ship any samples across for your Display. (In most cases you can air-freight via DHL, display products to us in just a few days for a reasonable price)

  • Work with you to download product, training, etc, videos for viewing at your stand.

  • Translate brochures or add subtitles to videos.

  • Our staff will man your stand. You do not need to attend.

  • Conference call with you to learn more about your products & how you want them presented.

  • Organize conference calls between you & potential new agents & distributors.

  • Act as translator on conference calls and correspondence.

  • Provide you with an updated activity report each week.



US$1,350 FOR 1 MONTH

  • 2m by 1.5 Stand (Basic Stand as shown). Displayers can modify the design of their stand.

  • Table & chairs provided as shown

  • Back wall provide as shown

  • Electricity provided stand for free for 1 month

  • New 32” smart tv, connected to internet

  • One A4 Brochure stand

  • One name card holder

  • 3 Led Lights as shown

  • Printed Name & Logo on Stand

  • Design, Assembly & Disassembly of Stand

Small Stand 4.png
Stand 2.png
  • Product Shelves, which can be placed anywhere on the back wall to display your products

  • Vietmarkets Staff provided to man your stand

  • Internet access provide at stand for free for 1 month.

  • Shared Staffing who can speak English & Vietnamese to talk to potential Agents, etc. for 1 months

  • Shared Video Conferencing Rooms, so potential agents can talk to you wherever you are in the world.

  • Staff to Arrange Printing of brochures and backdrops



It is important to note that there are no ongoing charges or commissions for VietMarkets finding you a Distributor or Agent in Vietnam.


Your only costs for displaying at the Vietmarkets Expo for one month (or 2 months if we do not find you an Agent or Distributor in the first month), is your Basic Stand cost of US$1,350 and shipping samples, etc, to us.



The new VietMarkets Display Centre is located at the beach resort city of Vung Tau, Vietnam, at 3 Nguyen Viet Xuan street, Vung Tau.  The reason for selecting Vung Tau-Baria, a region of 1.2 million people, for the Display Centre, is because it is approximately 90 minutes drive from Vietnam's largest city, Ho Chi Minh City (population of 9 million). It is also the place of choice for Vietnamese to take a break or holiday, with more than 150,000 visiting the city each week. 

Furthermore, business people in HCMC and Hanoi, love to be invited to Vung Tau for business functions, as it gives them a chance to get away from hustle and bustle of their over cramped cities.

Vung Tau.png


The new VietMarkets Display Centre at Vung Tau Vietnam, will initially only provide display areas for 20 (twenty) international companies, for each month long Expo.


The reason for this, is that this is the number of companies our team believes they can comfortably work with at any one time, to Achieve & Deliver the results each Displaying Company wants to achieve.

The Display Centre will only be open to industry representatives. Not the general public. Hence the VietMarkets Team will be utilizing its large databases of its local industry contacts, and our managed Social Media Pages, such as Vietnam Buy-Sell-Invest, to email & invite Vietnamese distributors, importers, agents, wholesalers and potential Franchisees, to the Display Centre to view the Products & Services on display.



Participation in traditional 3 or 5 day international exhibitions costs companies ten’s of thousands of dollars, even for a very small stand, and they guarantee no results.


VietMarkets is striving to keep the cost of participation in the Vietmarkets Expo to a minimum. Hence we are advising companies to consider the following guidelines when designing their Display.


  • There is no need for a big stand. Our Basic Design stand as shown above, looks modern and high class. The three panels are great for printed backdrops, which can be printed in Vietnam quite cheaply. (approximately US$75 - 100 for backdrops covering all 3 panels of the Basic Stand)

  • Each Basic Design Stand, has a Smart TV which you can show corporate and product videos on continuously. Furthermore for a very small cost we can add Vietnamese subtitles to your videos.

  • We suggest you send a digital copy of your brochures which we can have translated and reprinted here in Vietnam. Again printing cost are quite cheap, and we only need one or two hundred.

  • We suggest sending a digital copy of your name card which we will get printed for you here in Vietnam, if you are not intending to send samples.

  • We suggest only sending one or two boxes of display items. There is no need for thousands of samples as all visitors to the expo will all be pre-qualified Vietnamese Distributors, Wholesalers, and agents.

  • For wineries and alcoholic beverage manufacturers participating in the Expo for one month, we see no need to send samples of wine, etc across to Vietnam as custom clearances are difficult and costly for small shipments. It is more important you have a good video presentation of your winery and selection of wines, and a good back drop for your stand. You can send labelled and corked empty bottles, not containing any wine to be used on the display. These will have no problems passing through customs. 

  • For wineries who wish to participate in the Australian Wine Service & Appreciation Course our team will work with you to join with other producers sending samples, to lower costs and clear customs.

If Displayers follow our guidelines we believe your cost of participation for one month at the Vietmarkets Expo, will be  approximately one tenth of the costs to participate in a traditional 5 day international exposition or Virtual Expo.


VietMarkets has an in-house team of Graphic Designers, Animators, and Video Editors, which are available to work with participating companies who may wish some assistance in designing their Exhibition Stand Backdrops, or modifying their corporate brochures, or videos, for the Vietnamese market place.

Video Conference.png



VietMarkets has a state of the art video conference set up, within its conference room, which utilizes a vast number of video Conference platforms such as Skype, Teams, Zoom, WhatsApp, etc. to communicate with you wherever you are, with whatever communications platform your company utilizes.


When a prequalified Vietnamese Distributor or Agent shows interest in your product offerings, we will establish a video conference call in our conference room, between you and the prospective agent. We will also make sure one of our consultants, and a translator, is present at each conference call.