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44.8 million people, nearly 50% of Vietnam's population, shopped online last year, according to the Vietnam ecommerce and Digital Economy Agency  which also pointed out that 77% of Internet users, mostly between 18 and 25 years old, shopped online at least once in 2019, most of whom accessed online shops through mobile devices.  

Online sales platforms reported a 57% year-on-year rise in sales in 2019 compared to 36% in 2018 & the Vietnamese e-commerce industry is expected to continue to grow by 25% per year  to US$35 billion in 2025 with more than half of the population shopping online.


Vietnam is one of Asia’s fastest growing ecommerce markets, however most international retailers are finding it difficult to break into because of high international shipping costs to Vietnam from their respective countries, and the language barrier.

International E-commerce Retailers need a local Vietnamese Warehouse & Fulfilment Partner which can 

dramatically reduce their freight & delivery costs.




The Vietnamese e-commerce retail sector comprises of thousands of small retailers, who sell online utilizing platforms such as, Facebook, Zalo, Shopee, Sendo, Tiki, Lazada, etc. These ecommerce retailers usually have quite large customer bases of their own, and are always looking for new high quality international products to sell online.

Vietmarkets offers to appoint a number of these existing e-commerce retailers, who are selling products in similar categories as yours, to also sell your products on their sites. This will naturally dramatically increase your sales in Vietnam very quickly.



All you need to do, is ship your products to the Vietmarkets Warehouse, and work out a wholesale price for each product, which includes the shipping, customs, costs, etc, from your country to Vietnam.

When any one of your products is sold by a 3rd party Vietnamese E-Commerce Retailer, you will receive the wholesale price for it, rather than the retail price, so allowing the Vietnamese E-Commerce Retailer to receive the mark up profit from the retail sale.


The Vietnamese E-Commerce Retailer will be responsible for paying for packaging, labelling, etc for each one of your products sold from the Vietmarkets warehouse.

Vietmarkets will collect all monies from retail sales.. After which Vietmarkets will remit all wholesale monies from sales to you at the end of each month, and the mark-up profit to the E-Commerce Retailer.

This is a very simple but effective model, which allows you may to have 50 or more agents, all with good customer databases, selling your products online in Vietnam very quickly. Furthermore any Vietnamese tax liabilities will be the responsibility of the Vietnamese E-Commerce Retailer, not you, making your life a lot easier.

Any products you sell directly to Vietnamese customers, via your web site or ecommerce channels, you would naturally collect the full retail price for, minus packaging etc.




Set up & Establishment – Vietmarkets offers new ecommerce retailers to Vietnam a AU$150 SET-UP FEE to all who register before July 1st 2021. If International Retailers have taken a Display Booth at one of the Vietmarkets Expos, there will be no cost for Set up & Establishment.

Inbound Shipping & Receiving – This naturally depends on the size and quantity of the products being shipped. If they are shipped directly to the Vietmarkets warehouse, there is no charge. If we have to assist in customs clearance and transportation to the Vietmarkets warehouse we will charge AU$10/hour plus any transportation costs.

Storage & Warehousing – set price of AU$5/Cubic Meter/Month or AU$0.20 cents/cubic foot/month

Box & Packaging Materials – From AU$0.25- AU$2 per package depending on size and type of Packing required (to be negotiated with seller) (Not Applicable when utilizing Local Vietnamese E-Commerce Retailers)

Pick and Pack – No Charge, (Included in Packaging Fee)

(Not Applicable when utilizing Local Vietnamese E-Commerce Retailers)

Label Printing & Inserts – Print Deliver Label and Inserts AU$ 0.15cents

(Not Applicable when utilizing Local Vietnamese E-Commerce Retailers)

Shipping – In Vietnam Customer normally pays for shipping

Returns – Return Shipping Cost Only.

Account Management – AU$25/month


Hence after selecting VietMarkets as your Warehouse & Fulfilment partner, any international ecommerce sales company, could very quickly grow their ecommerce business in Vietnam , and take advantage of this very fast growing industry sector.

If you would like to find out more regards the Vietmarkets Warehousing & Fulfilment Centre please click the link below and we will get back to you within 48 hours



  • Vietnamese conglomerate Vingroup announced the launch of VinShop offering store owners a digital platform where they can order directly from suppliers and vendors.

  • In Quarter 2, according to iPrice Group and App Annie, the total number of sessions on shopping apps on Android phones in Southeast Asia has reached 65.1 billion, its highest ever.

  • For some such as Vietnam, Thailand, and the Philippines, the number of visits to Android shopping applications jumped over 40 per cent within just three months, an impressive statistic that surpassed all expectations.

  • In Vietnam, digital payment startup VNPay achieved the unicorn status in late 2020, while their competitor MoMo acquired 10 million new users, doubling their user base within 2020.

  • Among the top five Asian countries with the highest number of new Shopify stores in 2020, three are in Southeast Asia, namely Singapore, the Philippines, and Vietnam. This means selling cross-border (either through Shopify, Amazon, or their own platforms) into the West will continue to be huge for Southeast Asian businesses.

  • The Vietnamese eCommerce market is getting crowded with numerous different companies to choose from, a Financial Times (FT) report says, leading to a clash between Shopee and Alibaba. Shopee, the article says, has become a favorite for its free deliveries and low fees. The company, owned by Singaporean tech group Sea, received 62 million monthly visits in Vietnam in 2020's third quarter, an over 80 percent increase from a year earlier. Shopee has also had a robust expansion in Vietnam during the pandemic, and that, according to FT, is part of the development in Southeast Asia's $100 billion digital economy. This market is ready to become a new cornerstone of eCommerce, bringing a spate of rivalries and team-ups trying to build a new digital world and service varied customer needs.