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Vietnam, with a population of 95 million offers a great opportunity for global Wineries, if they strike early. Vietnam also has a  very large, young, affluent population which are slowly drifting away from being beer drinkers (of which they consume a lot) and are now looking towards new alcoholic beverages, that will help their public image, regards their new found status in the community

Image is everything for Vietnamese people. Hence when they take out friends, government, or business people they do not think twice about buying a $200-300 bottle of whisky or cognac.


It is not that they appreciate the taste, because they mix it with coke, it is just that they must be seen to have a bottle of very expensive liquor on their table, otherwise their friends and business acquaintances will believe they are not successful.


Fine wines are now filling a need for young people, who want to distinguish themselves from older business people, who always just purchase the same old whiskey or cognac. When purchasing wine they can portray themselves as a well travelled wine connoisseur, who has a deep understanding and appreciation of premium overseas wines. This sets them apart from the competition, and shows they truly are a person who appreciates the finer things in life, that go well with their status in the community



Lack of understanding by both consumers and restaurateurs in Vietnam of wine, and the presentation & service of wine, is by far the biggest hurdle Wineries face when trying to enter the Vietnamese market.

If VIETMARKETS can gain the participation of ten (10) Australian Wineries, etc. it will establish an ongoing, Wine Service & Appreciation Course for Vietnamese restaurateurs, to overcome this hurdle, as presently, there is not a single ongoing training course for Restaurant owners, staff, or consumers that assist them develop an appreciation of table & fine wines.

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Wineries, which take a Basic Stand for one month at any one of the VIETMARKETS EXPOs will be included Free of Charge in the Wine Service & Appreciation Course Vietnam if they so desire.

A new Facebook group is to  be established called the, 

Australian Wine Appreciation & Buyers Club of Vietnam.


Restaurant owners, their staff, and wine lovers across Vietnam will be invited to join, book courses, and order table & fine wines on the site. 


Wine service and pairing is important to the dining experience, however it is not widely practiced at Vietnamese Restaurants. If it was, wine sales would become an important contributor to the restaurants financial bottom line.

The once every two weeks Vietmarkets Wine Service & Appreciation Course is not intended to be a comprehensive study of wine. Rather it is an introductory course addressing the basics of wine appreciation & education for restaurateurs, service staff and customers.

Course will include,

Wine Grape Varieties & pick times

Tasting Wine

Serving temperatures.




Identifying wines

Wine service

The Art of presenting, opening & serving wine

Glassware & table settings

Storage of Wine

Service steps & tips

Wine & Food Pairing

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Winery Participation

Each fortnight a different winery and its wines will be featured at the course session. 


All Wineries which take a stand at the Vietmarkets Expo will be invited to participate in the Wine Service & Appreciation Course. 


Samples etc

Each participating winery will need to send a minimum of 1-2 dozen bottles of each wine they wish to promote at the Wine Service & Appreciation Course.


This will allow for each winery to be the featured winery at one course session Each Winery may also send any bottles of wine they wish to sell at their featured session.


Wineries will also be invited to send any promotional material or merchandise they wish to be placed on display or sell at their sessions, such as aprons, tee shirts, glasses, etc, 

Australian Wine Appreciation & Buyers Club Vietnam

As stated earlier VietMarkets is establishing the Wine Appreciation & Buyers Club Vietnam, as a Facebook Group, which will allow participating Wineries to both,

  • Promote their wines and winery, on a weekly basis, directly to hundreds of Vietnamese restaurants.

  • Take orders for their wines from Vietnamese Restaurants and Retailers

VietMarkets is also establishing a cost effective Wine Warehousing & Fulfilment Centre, which will allow Vietnamese restaurants to order their wines directly from wineries utilizing normal e-commerce channels, and have them fulfilled the next day from the fulfilment center in Vietnam. Or if wineries prefer, restaurants will have the ability to place their orders directly with the fulfilment center.