Covid 19 has dramatically changed the way in which manufactures & exporters can now scout for, and establish new international markets, as well as increase existing ones.


Gone are the opportunities to meet new distributors or agents at international trade shows. As too are the scouting trips, of your market research teams. And unfortunately it will be at least another 18 months or more before such opportunities present themselves again. 

- Can You Afford to Wait Another 18 Months to Join the Fastest Growing Market in S.E. Asia -



VietMarkets offers a totally new, low cost, guaranteed success, approach for Manufacturers and Exporters in the COVID 19 era, to identify Agents, Importers, Distributors, Buyers, etc. in the 95 million strong, Vietnamese market place.

Prior to the COVID19 pandemic, if foreign companies wanted to find new distributors or agents in a market such as Vietnam, they would need to spend ten's of thousands of dollars for a stand at a relevant Exposition for 3-5 days, and thousands more sending 2 or 3 company representatives to man the stand, who in most cases had little to no experience in the local market place, and couldn’t speak the language. This methodology for expanding into new markets, was expensive, and in most cases did not deliver the results the management had hoped for. Hence only larger, well established foreign companies could consider the high costs and risks of expanding into new international markets.

The Vietmartkets Exposition model, does away with the high costs and risks normally associated with looking to open new markets for your products, thus allowing even the smallest companies trading locally, to now consider expanding into Vietnam.

Because of the low costs and guaranteed success of the Vietmarkets Exposition model, we expect that all Exposition Management Companies across the globe will in the coming months and years, have to adopt similar models to Vietmarkets, as exhibitors demand comparable commitments and guarantees before committing to participate in their Expo.


Basic Stand for 1Month - US$1,150


VietMarkets offers manufacturers, etc., the opportunity to physically display their products & services in the Vietnamese market place for 1 month (30 Days) at our new Display Centre in Vung Tau Vietnam, for a very small fraction of the cost that companies would normally pay to display at a 5 day Expo previously, or even new Virtual Trade Shows. Furthermore, we guarantee to find you an Agent or Distributor, for your products & services in Vietnam.


We are so confident in our team's ability to identify a Vietnamese agent or distributor for your products in one month, that we have no hesitation in making this written commitment to each Exhibitor.

"If Vietmarkets fails to identify a Distributor or Agent which you are satisfied with, for your products &/or services within your month at the Expo, we will maintain your stand at the Expo until we do, at no extra cost to you."

We know of no other Exposition Management Company in the world today, in any country, that is able or confident enough to offer exhibitors the same, no strings attached guarantee.


Our Vietmarkets Team in Vung Tau will,

  • Work with your staff to design, fabricate locally & construct your stand and backdrop. 

  • Work with you to ship any samples across for your Display.

  • Work with you to download product, training, etc, videos for viewing at your stand.

  • Translate brochures or add subtitles to videos.

  • Conference call with you to learn more about your products & how you want them presented.

  • Organize conference calls between you & potential new agents & distributors.

  • Act as translator on conference calls and correspondence.

  • Provide you with an updated activity report each week.



It is important to note that there are no ongoing charges or commissions for VietMarkets finding you a Distributor or Agent in Vietnam.


Your only costs for displaying at the Vietmarkets Expo for one month, is your Basic Stand cost of US$1,150 and shipping samples, etc, to us.



  • Vietnam's economy grew by 2.8% during the world's worst pandemic for 100 years

  • Vietnam Ease of Doing Business World Ranking is 70, out of 190 countries and 8th in East Asia & Pacific 

  • Vietnam is  a signatory to the Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for Trans Pacific Trade

  • Vietnam's imports have increased by 300% since 2010

  • Vietnam emerging middle class represents 13% of the population, equating to 12 million affluent consumers

  • Vietnam has the highest Human Capital Index amongst all middle income countries

  • Logistics are rated as High Performance

  • Stability of Government at National and State levels

  • Many Consumers are first time buyers of many products

  • Vietnamese Consumers are happy to pay extra for quality international products

  • New supermarkets are opening every day in major cities

  • Population nearing 100 million consumers

  • More than 29 million young affluent Gen Z-ers.

  • Vietnamese spend most of their incomes on food & consumer goods

  • Beverages & personal care goods have the highest growth rates in Vietnam

  • 78% of Vietnamese support Brands that tend to protect the environment

  • Vietnam's e-commerce boom is undeniable with 35% growth per year - 2.5 times faster than Japan.

  • Nielsen states that the growth of Fast Moving Consumer Goods in Vietnam has surpassed China & India

  • In 2017, Vietnam’s healthcare expenditure was approximately US$16.1 billion and is projected to grow by US$22.7 billion by 2021.



Around 44.8 million people, or nearly 50% of Vietnam's population, shopped online last year, according to the latest e-commerce report conducted by the Vietnam ecommerce and Digital Economy Agency (iDEA) under the Ministry of Industry and Trade (MoIT). Read more about Vietnam's online shopping opportunities on our e-commerce page


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